We believe a mobile environment for your job should be accessible, in several ways.
It has to be affordable, easy to generate and it has to add something to your already existing ways of recruiting.
We can promise you that your business will be ready to go mobile within 1 day.

A mobile environment allows you to approach the jobseeker in new and fun ways. A jobdescription is essential but does it give the job the experience it needs to convince the jobseeker to apply? We give you the opportunity to add video, google maps, make connection with the social media of your choice, and, most important, an optimal way of applying through a mobile device.

Making a job mobile friendly is only step one. Getting the job in the open is step two. Where or how are you going to spread the word? Within the system we give you a handfull of ways to do this. Did you for example know that 74% of the tweets on twitter is read on a mobile device already?

Statistics of the generated mobile jobs are available within the system. See who your readers are, where they see and read the job and how you can optimalize your reach towards your targetgroup.

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